Wills statistics – the reality!

June 01, 2021

Benjamin Franklin said ‘in this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes’

So why don’t we all have a Will that states who we want to inherit our hard-earned assets?

The most common opinions are:

  • I don’t have time to make a Will
  • I can’t think about that now
  • It’s tempting fate
  • My family will sort it all out
  • I don’t care

Death is certain but none of us know when.

If you die without a Will, the intestacy laws of the country where your assets are located will dictate who gets what and in what proportions. If you have no family, it’s likely the state will take them.

UK – ONLY 45% of adults over 18 have a Will

Malaysia – ONLY 28% of adults over 18 have a Will

USA –ONLY 32% of adults over 18 have a Will

Canada – ONLY 44% of adults over 18 have a Will

China – Only 1% (yes – 1%) of adults over 18 have a Will

This picture is reflected all over the world. Dying without a Will is particularly worrying for expats living overseas who own foreign assets. An estimated 5.5 million British people, for example, live overseas.

Each country has intestacy laws and they can be very different, so if you want control over who inherits your estate, you MUST make a Will.

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