Financial, Legal & Estate Planning Services

Legal, estate planning services, management consulting, international banking and capital raising for our global network of financial services firms. Our expertise covers most nationalities

and religious denominations. Available to individuals with international based assets.


Specialising in a varied range of products worldwide for personal and business estate planning.


– Advice & Guidance on inheritance issues, legacies, beneficiaries, trustees, executors and guardians. –

– Wills – Multinational including Advance Medical Directive – 

– Legalisation of documents for use at home and abroad – 

– Letter of Wishes which conveys your wishes to your executors –

– Trusts – To protect your assets according to your needs and wishes –


Whatever your circumstances, wherever you and your assets are situated, we can help you with effective and professional estate planning.

Excelsior Worldwide

Excelsior Worldwide Ltd is a business to business financial and legal product provider with offices in the United Kingdom, Bahamas, Mauritius and Thailand. Excelsior Worldwide focus on due diligence, transparency and providing first class administration support to the network members. Excelsior Worldwide clients include financial advisers, independents, family offices and wealth management firms. In an ever more changing industry and regulation and compliance Excelsior Worldwide provide members with the platform to succeed.

Management Consultancy

We are business and asset management consultants that provide improvement in the maintenance, development and asset management solutions to help your business continuously grow and deliver.   


Providing that necessary advice for firms that require specialist expertise or an objective outside perspective on their business and expansion. Our consultancy usually involves the identification and assessment of the market or issue, the reporting of our findings and the recommendations for improvement. 


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